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What we believe


If you love good food, you’re in good company. From farm to table, we grow, nurture, process and deliver good food that’s good for you. And when we say “good,” we mean really tasty, and bursting with irresistible, delicious bold flavor that’s so reminiscent of the Mediterranean diet and lifestyle. But our mission goes far beyond just tasting good. We care about what goes into Mario products because we want you to fill your kitchen with high quality, healthy food you love. 

We Provide Solutions

We care about doing the right thing. Our goal is to provide products, packaging & services that delight consumers and customers while allowing us to provide growth opportunities for employees, give back to the community, and respect the world in which we live.

Social Responsibility 

At Mario we understand it is OUR responsibility to voluntarily oversee our social and environmental impact. Today there is more pressure on corporations to behave responsibly, and through education and community awareness we will continue to maintain our ethical standards.

Carbon Footprint

One of the most important projects has been the replacement of diesel boilers with biomass boilers. The biomass is mainly produced in the company’s facilities from the stones of its own olives. The improvements in efficiency from the biomass boilers generate a significant saving in the consumption of “orujillo” (olive waste) per tonne of packaged product. The actions aimed at reducing electricity consumption have also entailed a significant reduction of the carbon footprint.

Water Footprint

The purifying and water regeneration system allows water to be managed at the source, preventing mixtures which make classification and end management difficult for reducing the water footprint. The reduction of the water consumption in production processes also allows the reduction of the operational water footprint.

social investment

For 20 years, we have collaborated with the Seville Food Bank Foundation and other local entities of Morón de la Frontera, to which we periodically deliver large quantities of food. Between 2014 and 2015, the company donated approximately  208,000 kilos and 300,000 consumption units to 200,000 families in the area. Due to this initiative, in 2014 the Foundation awarded ACA in gratitude for its historic collaboration.

Local Employment

Andalusia, and particularly the province of Seville where the company is located, is the main production area for table olives, an original and key product for ACA. Keeping the headquarters and production centres in this area has been decided as a commitment to local development at all levels, with employment being a key element for the sustainability of the surrounding area. The sources of work keep the boost the local economy, wellbeing and quality of life, as well as allowing professional growth to be achieved through training at work.

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