Simply put: Olive Oil, You Complete Me.

Good combinations in life are key. What is peanut butter without the jelly (macaroni without the cheese, a burger without the fries, Bonnie without Clyde, 2 peas without their pod, )? The Copa without the Cabana? Simon without Garfunkel? Sure, the cheese can stand alone, but it’s a lot happier on a cracker.

And in cooking, when two humble ingredients come together, the result is something far greater than its beginnings, especially with Mario Olive Oil. Just imagine dipping your bread in balsamic vinegar without the olive oil? Eeewww, ugly scrunchy face, right? But when the two come together: pure magic!

Making Mario Olive Oil

Olive oil is produced by crushing whole olives and extracting the oil. Mario Olive Oil’s fruity aroma, peppery kick and amazing versatility combine to create a go-to ingredient for endless cooking possibilities. Be bold and get cooking: saute ́, roast, deep fry, and grill just about any meat, poultry, fish or vegetable with Mario Olive Oil. Dress your salads, drizzle over honey, add to marinades, dips and more. Go ahead, double dip. It’s so good.

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